Installation & Product Training

Installation & Product Training

Due to our extensive experience in the photocopier installation industry we are able to cater for all makes and models of machines, we can install anything from the smallest desktop multifunctional devices to the largest high quality print room machines providing our customers with a bespoke instillation procedure rivalled by no other.

Installations are to the point of use rather than simply just dropping the machine off to the site where the equipment is to be located, we go the extra mile of plugging the machine in and giving the customer ‘green button’ hand over training showing the customer how to switch the copier on and off, how to correctly load paper and how to get a standard copy from their new machine.

At this stage our experienced network engineers will complete the installation by ensuring the machine is set up to be used for printing and scanning and PIN code access if required.  We will also set up automatic toner replenishment software if required.

For more information regarding the delivery of a copier please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 612 6952.

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