Lease Options

For any purchase of £1,000 or more, we utilise the services of various leading finance partners to provide a lease option on our range of products. This includes such household names as PEAC finance, BNP Paribas leasing solutions, CF Corporate, and more – all of whom are regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Capital equipment leasing is a tax-efficient, flexible way of funding the purchase of equipment such as photocopiers and printers.

The advantages leasing has over capital are numerous, including tax relief benefits and the ability to spread the cost of the equipment across a longer period than purchasing outright, which helps cash flow. When purchasing outright, the capital spent is effectively tied up in depreciating equipment. The flexibility of our lease agreements also means that, should you feel the need to upgrade your equipment after a period of time, perhaps because your needs have changed, you can often re-visit the lease agreement and replace the equipment with little effect on your quarterly/monthly payments.

If you have an established business with a good credit history, then leasing will almost certainly be available to you as a finance option. Should you be considering leasing a capital purchase from us, we will take the headache out of the administrative side of the agreement and propose the agreement to the relevant finance partner on your behalf. Once the financiers are satisfied that the contract is agreeable, they will authorise finance and the paperwork will be completed.

For more information on the benefits of leasing and how it works, please speak to one of our dedicated sales account managers on 0800 612 6952.

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